EBook An Effective Guide to Modern JavaScript : (Ecmascript 2017 / Es8) (EPUB, PDF)

by Mr Chong Lip Phang

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ES8 was finalized in June 2017. This book: - effectively teaches standard JavaScript from A to Z. - includes all the JavaScript common APIs, presented in a highly organized fashion. - lists in the Appendix the new features introduced in each JavaScript edition from ES5 to ES8 and beyond, and illustrates all of them. - clearly explains advanced concepts such as closures, Proxy, generators, Promise, async functions, and Atomics. - covers OOP techniques — classical JavaScript OOP, the new 'class' syntax, data encapsulation, multiple inheritance, abstract classes, object relay etc. - teaches you how to define and use iterators and various iterables. - turns you into an efficient JavaScript coder.

PublisherCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform
Release date 02.08.2017
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