EBook Irina Korina. The Tail Wags the Comet (EPUB, PDF)

by Ruth Addison

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Irina Korina worked as a set designer for theater and film before starting her career as an artist in post-Soviet Moscow. Inspired by the experimental, "return to reality" approach of the Dogme film and Verbatim theater movements in the 1990s, she developed an approach to installation that draws upon the physical and psychological experience of real-life environments. Referencing the distinctively eclectic urban landscape of Moscow, populated with temporary structures, fake edifices, and old buildings undergoing reinvention, Korina weaves irony and humor to deal with misplaced nostalgia for Russia's Soviet past, confounding expectations, building anticipation, and, at times, creating a deep sense of unease through her immersive, architectural-scale works.This publication follows the making of The Tail Wags the Comet-Korina's most ambitious work to date-which lives up to the absurdity inherent in its name through the myriad detours it offers audiences as they journey through the incongruous structure.It includes an essay on Korina's exploration of the boundaries of sculpture and installation, including her use of unusual materials and forms, an extended interview with the artist, and excerpts from works by writer Vladimir Sorokin, who has been a keyinfluence on her practice.

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