EBook Mind Fist : The Asian Arts of the Ninja Masters (EPUB, PDF)

by Haha Lung

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Inside every human being is a "sleeping tiger"—a raw, untapped power that once harnessed, can repel aggressors of any kind. . . In this masterful book, Dr. Haha Lung draws on the psychological origins of ancient Chinese philosophies, explores the fist fighting traditions of Chinese Kung-fu from its birth in ancient India and introduces the extraordinary concept of the Mind Fist—the mental punch you never see coming! Ranging from nonviolent counterattacks to multiple devastating martial arts techniques, this book includes: - Mental and physical exercises to strengthen the mind and body- Secrets of moshuh-nanren, the Chinese ninja!- Understanding the ways of bullies and aggressors- How to prevent violence using Zhenkin, the Art of Control- Three kinds of force with which you can win physical battle- How fear can be turned into focus- "Ghost" strikes and takedowns Mind Fist brilliantly unlocks an ancient skill of true, permanent self-defense—for any aspect of your life! For academic study onlyDr. Haha Lung is the author of more than a dozen books on martial arts, including Assassin!, Mind Manipulation, Ninja Shadowhand, Knights of Darkness, Mind Control: The Ancient Art of Psychological Warfare,and The Lost Fighting Arts of Vietnam.

PublisherCitadel Press Inc.,U.S.
GanreSports Books
Release date 22.01.2009
Pages count234
File size2 Mb
eBook formateBook, (FB2)En
Book rating4.13 (36 votes)

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