EBook The Igos Apprentice Handbook : Activating the Inner Magical Being (EPUB, PDF)

by Dr Thor Templar

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100 SIGILS TO ACTIVATE THE INNER MAGICAL BEING A lifetime Occult Power Tool with Free Custom Sigil and Free Audio Lecture from the author detailing use. This is an Empowered Talismanic Handbook, a Mysterious Book of Masters that only an occult Guild knows how to produce. Filled with secret encoded information. Includes 100 Sigils to activate the Inner Magical Being and all your Occult Power Centers to reach high states of power in the fastest possible time. The simple act of reading the book and viewing the Sigils, connects the reader to realms of knowledge and empowerment few ever access in a lifetime. This is a complete guide on what it takes become a Master Occult Scientist.... Many secrets are revealed to those worthy of the knowledge and wise enough to understand the hidden within the obvious. This Level I system is offered to the general public for the first time. REAL occult empowerment is not about secret rituals, spells and other techniques. It is about activating your Inner Magical Being, your super magical self that makes all the techniques work! Few know this secret and fewer know how to activate it.This book reveals all the secrets and gives you the secret Sigils that make this advanced process work for you. This is the first part of the Core System the Guild uses to train all our students. Until your Inner Magical Being is activated, you only achieve base level empowerment that results in only minor success. Once your Inner Magical Being is activated and developed, you can manifest anything you desire. This is not only a book.. It is an Occult Tool you will use the rest of your life. This is also the "Bible" for members and those thinking about membership or working with IGOS. It details several advanced teaching methods used by Guilds and Mystery Schools to reach the highest levels of empowerment possible. It details the Apprentice program giving in-depth information on what is required to become a members and how to apply for membership. It details everything the Guild is involved in, including Guild history, philosophy, beliefs, research, college, and much more. If you are interested in the Guild or want to understand the Guild past and present, this Handbook is a must. Learn how a professional non-profit research and teaching organization works. Purchase the Book and get a FREE Custom Sigil with your photo built in! Used with the book it dramaically increases the results with fast Inner Magical Being Activation!! A hundred dollar value, included in the cost of the book and delivered to your email... Next Level empowerment is about personalizing the energies to the user.. Be part of the Occult Revolution! Bring powerful energies directly into your personal energy fields!! Your first step to becoming an Occult Master...

PublisherCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform
GanreSocial Research & Statistics
Release date 06.01.2015
Pages count406
File size2.8 Mb
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