EBook The Roman Cemetery at Brougham, Cumbria : Excavations 1966-67 (EPUB, PDF)

by Hilary E.M. Cool

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The rescue excavations at Brougham uncovered the largest cemetery associated with a fort in the north yet dug. They revealed a 3rd cemetery where not only the soldiers, but also their wives and children were cremated and buried. The dead were provided with expensive pyre goods, such as elaborately decorated biers, jewellery, military equipment, household items and a wide range of animal offerings including horses. Their remains were generally deposited with pottery vessels including a large number in samian and Rhenish colour-coated wares. There is good evidence that the unit was originally from the Danubian frontier. The volume includes detailed specialist reports on all aspects of the finds and funerary rituals. A database of the results is included on a CD to facilitate further analysis.

PublisherSociety for the Promotion of Roman Studies
GanreBritish & Irish History
Release date 31.12.2004
Pages count542
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